George Whitney

I am a graduate of Utah State University and a George-and-Zhou-duotonoeProfessional Wildlife Biologist. I worked for 26 years with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources as a biologist and resources manager and in 1990 moved to Zimbabwe to direct an environmental and natural resources management programme on behalf of CIDA, for the Government of Zimbabwe.

While in Zimbabwe, I acquired my foundation dogs and successfully campaigned a number of my dogs to Zimbabwean champion status during a 15 year period. I have been a Director of the Zimbabwe Kennel Club and I served with the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Zimbabwe (the Parent Club), most recently as President.

After retiring from the government, I remained in Zimbabwe and managed a large wildlife concession and a game ranch where my dogs lived in the bush with me and hunted as they were designed to do. I am one of the few recent ridgeback breeders to have tested his dogs in the art of lion baying.

I returned to Canada in 2008 with my kennel of ridgebacks. I currently live on a small farm in eastern Ontario, where I continue to breed dogs of African lineage and campaign them in the show ring.

I can be reached at